Venue Space

With 78,500 sq.m of event space for all sizes of events, QSNCC offers eight spacious event halls, four plenary halls, four ballrooms, and fifty meeting rooms which can be divided into smaller rooms or connected for a bigger space. Everything is possible at QSNCC.

  • Exhibition Hall
  • Exhibition Hall 5-8
  • VIP Room
  • Organizer Room
  • Registration
  • Information
  • Food & Beverage
  • MRT Connect
  • Fire Exit
  • Restroom
  • Service Lift
  • Freight Lift
  • Passenger Lift
  • First Aid
  • Prayer Room
  • Mom and Kid

The LG Floor, directly connected to the MRT station, caters to all lifestyle needs with various services, shops, and works of art from Thai master artists. The decoration highlights a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere based on the Chut Thai Lamlong (Casual Thai) concept, which depicts the charm and unique patterns of local Thai costumes: comfortable loincloth, colorful sarong, pleated cloth, and scales stacking.

Facility Dimension (Approx.)Usable Gross AreaMaximum Capacity (Approx.)

Width x Length x Height







(3m x 3m)
Exhibition Hall 551.74 x 108 x 75,58860,1495,2143,5642,8805,214317
Exhibition Hall 654.28 x 108 x 75,86363,1095,6883,8883,1205,688350
Exhibition Hall 754.28 x 108 x 75,86363,1095,6883,8883,1205,688350
Exhibition Hall 850.33 x 108 x 75,43658,5135,2143,5642,6405,214291
Exhibition Hall 5-8210.65 x 108 x 722,750244,87921,25114,62811,27021,2521,284
LG Foyer A24 x 229.3 x 8.53,35036,059-----
LG Foyer B21 x 217 x 8.56,65071,580-----

Exhibition Hall

  • Column diameter = 1.7 m
  • Distance between column = 25 m
  • Floor Loading 1,500 kg/sq.m
  • Loading Area 55 Units
  • Service Elevator 3 Units (W1.2m x D2.7m x H3 m), 1,350 kg
  • Freight Elevator 2 Units (W3.5m x D8m x H3 m), 5,000 kg

LG Foyer A

  • Including Retail Space.

LG Foyer B

  • Including Retail Space.
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