Venue Services

You’ll want to have your next event at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. You’re in good hands. Our professional service teams make it easy for you to make your event a success.

  • VIP Room
    Make use of our VIP spaces to give your special guests a real treat. The VIP room is ideal for entertaining high-profile guests whether well-known entrepreneur or a world authority. It will make them feel both welcome and comfortable. The VIP room, with its modern design and adaptable setting, can be tailored to accommodate speakers or international media personalities.

    VIP Room

  • Dock Leveler
    The loading dock levelers, designed to work with the logistics warehouse and factory, provide direct access to the exhibit hall and nearby freight elevator access to the other floors.

    Dock Leveler

  • Riggings
    Do you require a large installation for large-scale production or simply want to hang a banner? QSNCC has a comprehensive rigging system that meets your needs. The maximum load per point ranges from 300 to 500 kilograms. QSNCC only uses rated and approved rigging hardware and follows the best rigging practices in the industry.


  • Freight Elevators
    QSNCC provides freight elevator access from the lower ground level. The maximum load is 5,000 kilograms. The freight elevators in the loading area provide direct access to the exhibition halls on the ground floor and the first floor.

    Freight Elevators

  • Cleaning
    QSNCC provides an efficient cleaning service with quick turnaround. We ensure high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We can allocate additional staff and services to keep everything fresh and polished throughout the event.


  • Security
    QSNCC upholds international standards for safety and security as top priorities. We use a smart system to control access to areas and manage facilities inside the building. QSNCC employs cutting-edge security technology, 24-hour surveillance, and well-trained security personnel for your safety and security.


  • Internet Service
    Staying connected means business grows nonstop. QSNCC is equipped with 5G technology and fiber optics, ushering in the Web 3.0 era for a more comprehensive, seamless connection. This ensures that online and hybrid events can run at full capacity, providing event organizers and visitors with unrivaled convenience.

    Internet Service

  • Utility Pit
    Large or small, your stand needs the proper foundation of utilities to support the activities. QSNCC provides utility services with the best safety standards – including electricity, water, and high-speed internet connection to ensure everything runs smoothly during the event. Consult with our team as early as possible about your requirements.

    Utility Pit

  • Audio & Visual Service
    With cutting-edge A/V equipment, our audio and visual technical services bring your venue to life. The A/V team, with years of convention experience, can provide solutions ranging from standard to high-end audio and visual equipment. So leave your venue's technical needs in the competent hands of our team.

    Audio & Visual Service

  • Stage Light Service
    Let there be light, and create excitement and intrigue for your brand's reputation. QSNCC provides professional stage lighting to help set the tone for your event. With cutting-edge lighting technology to draw all eyes to your brands and products. QSNCC offers lighting solutions for a wide range of event sizes and audience types.

    Stage Light Service

  • Flower & Landscape Service
    Nothing adds a touch of class to your event like fresh, exotic flowers. With our versatile floral and landscape service, you will be inspired to decorate and design your stands and space in various ways. A romantic event, for example, calls for large red flowers, whereas a business meeting requires a subtler arrangement in lighter colors. Speak with our florist about different floral arrangements.

    Flower & Landscape Service

  • Translator and Interpreter
    QSNCC makes it simple to host multilingual conferences. Our conference translators and interpreters (as requested) connect people at your venue and remote participants in their native language. We have interpreters with advanced skills in business conferences, seminars, and consumer events to help break down communication barriers.

    Translator and Interpreter

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