QSNCC to accommodate 3 digital events in bid to power Thailand as “Digital Gateway” of Southeast Asia

10 Aug 2023

The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) welcomes three digital events this August to support an exchange of knowledge and connect people in the digital industry.

Aimed at driving the growth of the Thai digital economy, the first event is “Techsauce Global Summit 2023,” which is this year’s largest technology conference in Southeast Asia. It will be followed by “AI Thailand Forum 2023: Embracing The Future of AI”, an exhibition of artificial intelligence technology held for the first time in Thailand. The third event is a digital technology exhibition entitled “HACKaTHAILAND 2023: DIGITAL INFINITY.”

 By being a venue for these high-profile events, QSNCC remains committed to be “the best event platform” and a center that connects public and private sectors to drive Thailand to become “Digital Gateway” of Southeast Asia.

Over the past three years, more and more foreign investors have invested in digital businesses in ASEAN. As a result, the value of the sector has doubled, allowing both Thai and international organizers to focus more on the digital industry.

QSNCC has been selected to be a venue for important digital events throughout the month of August, all of which aim to promote and push “Thailand” to become the digital gateway of Southeast Asia.

The details of the three digital events at QSNCC this August are as follows:

  • Techsauce Global Summit 2023, scheduled for 16-17 August by Techsauce Media Limited under the concept of ‘Social Impact, Climate Tech, Cutting Edge Technology’. The event aims to drive Thailand's technology ecosystem to grow further through connecting investment opportunities and igniting cooperation between public and private organizations as well as
    Thai entrepreneurs and startups at all levels.
  •  AI Thailand Forum 2023, scheduled for 16-17 August by the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurs Association of Thailand (AIEAT) and the Artificial Intelligence Association of Thailand (AIAT) under the concept of ‘Embracing the Future of AI’. The event will be held to promote
    AI knowledge and lay the foundation for the development of artificial intelligence technology in Thailand.
  •  HACKaTHAILAND 2023, scheduled for 25-26 August by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) under the concept of “Digital Infinity” with highlights divided into five zones, including ‘Tech Showcase’ that gathers modern digital technologies in today's commerce, tourism content, and health tech environments.

 “With the high value of the digital economy’s growth in ASEAN, QSNCC as an event platform with international standards is ready to serve all requirements of digital event organizers that require a state-of-the-art platform with latest technologies available,” said Surapol Utintu, Chief Executive Officer of N.C.C. Management and Development Co., Ltd. the operator of QSNCC.

 “We also want to help promote digital events, which are considered to be a new industry in Thailand, yet it has already been firmly established in the global stage. We see the ‘Thai digital industry’ as a key to drive the growth of Thai economy as a whole and drive Thailand to become a ‘digital gateway’ for the region,” Surapol explained.

 “We are confident that the cooperation between the public and private sectors through these leading digital events will build a strong network between them and showcase a good potential of the Thai digital industry while also supporting Thai digital economy to grow sustainably,” he added.

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