QSNCC launches multiple digital channels for seamless communication as “The Ultimate Inspiring World Class Event Platform for All”

01 Nov 2022

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) announced that it currently had communication channels on every social media platform in order to provide a seamless access to QSNCC information and services for both Thai and international ‘B2B - B2C’ target groups. The digital channels also enabled QSNCC to promptly and efficiently support its customers, reaffirming its position as “The Ultimate Inspiring World Class Event Platform for All.”

Sutichai Bunditvorapoom, Executive Vice President, N.C.C. Management and Development Co., Ltd., said, “Our goal is for QSNCC to be more than just a convention center. We want to accommodate to all kinds of events and lifestyles. Therefore, efficient and up-to-date communication channels are the key factor we need to develop further in order to reach our B2B and B2C target groups as effectively as possible. We have acquired the insights into the needs and behaviors of our customers - from the organizers, the exhibitors, to the end-customers - on each platform; so that we can provide them with seamless access to essential information and create an impressive novel experience for our users.”

QSNCC 'Website' was the primary channel that focused on communicating with organizers and visitors from Thailand and overseas with the detailed insights into the venue space, monthly event calendar, and the facilities. The information was provided in three languages - Thai, English, and Chinese (with plans to cover Korean and Japanese in the future) to not only serve customers from all nations and languages, but also to support the expansion of new customer base. Furthermore, a 'Virtual Tour' feature was currently in development. This feature would allow organizers, as well as visitors, to access every corner of QSNCC as if they were visiting the venue in person, which would assist the users in their decision-making process, such as booking the venue space or planning their itinerary in advance.   

Meanwhile, 'WeChat' was created to mainly communicate with the Chinese audience as the platform was the most mainstream and the most accessible social media for customers based in China. Information shown on WeChat included news and updates about Thailand and the activities occurring at QSNCC. 'LINE Official Account' detailed lifestyle events and promotions for customers of BALM (Bangkok Active Lifestyle Mall) who frequented the center, enticing them to participate in events and receive benefits from using the services. 'Facebook Fan Page' broadcasted news and updates of various activities at QSNCC to its followers in dual languages - Thai and English. ‘Instagram’ showcased the beauty of the venue, as well as the atmosphere of past events, through photos. It was also a platform where users could share their experiences and their impressions about QSNCC. Last but not least, 'Twitter' was where the event highlights and interesting updates could be shared in real time.

Having launched its communication channels on every digital platform allowed QSNCC to seamlessly support customers from every corner of the world and truly live up to its name as “The Ultimate Inspiring World Class Event Platform for All.”

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