QSNCC and BMA Present 'Krungthep Dee Tor Jai,' Embracing 2024 with Local Tourism Initiatives and a Focus on Sustainable Quality of Life

26 Dec 2023

The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), in collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the private sector, and sustainable development networks led by Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and One Bangkok, is set to provide 'Sook Rak,' or 'First Happiness,' as a gift for the people of Bangkok. This initiative will take place on the first Friday (also pronounced “Sook Rak” in Thai) of the year 2024 through "Krungthep Dee Tor Jai,” an event aimed at promoting the physical and mental wellness of Bangkokians. The event will feature 12 activities taking place from January 5th to 7th at Benjakitti Park and Lumpini Park, all free of charge.

"Krungthep Dee Tor Jai” is being organized for the second consecutive year to expand the partnership network between the public and private sectors. The festival aims to promote a sustainable quality of life for urban dwellers while boosting tourism in Bangkok. It caters to the diverse needs of people of all ages and genders, supporting a lifestyle that connects the elements of 'city-garden-forest-water' with 'youth, communities, and the people of Bangkok.' The festival encourages them to spend more time in public spaces, such as the 'Benjakitti Park' and ‘Lumpini Park’.

Surapol Utintu, Chief Executive Officer of N.C.C. Management & Development Co., Ltd., the operator of QSNCC, stated, "Krungthep Dee Tor Jai is a collaborative effort involving various sectors to present the 'First Happiness' to Bangkokians, encouraging them to enjoy life and participate in various activities in public spaces. Organized for the second consecutive year due to a positive response from participants in the previous year, this edition features even more exciting activities aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being, fostering sustainable living for city dwellers. This initiative aligns with QSNCC’s goal to transcend being a mere 'venue' and become a connecting space to public areas like 'Benjakitti Park,' promoting active lifestyles for individuals and communities.”

Happy Body-Happy Mind activities by “Krungthep Dee Tor Jai” include:

  • Happy Mind by “Krungthep Dee Tor Jai”:
  1. Making merit by offering food to monks on the first Friday of the year 2024 for New Year blessings.
  2. Morning Meditation with V. Vajiramedhi to commence the New Year with a mindful start.
  3. Nature Journey Workshop (New Activity) – Embark on a mission to explore nature and participate in a workshop led by environmental science experts.
  4. Kids Climbing is an activity for children to engage with nature through play.
  5. Sharpening Mind with Chess is an activity organized by the Golden King Club, inviting children to play chess and enhance their cognitive abilities.
  6. Storytelling and Painting in the Park is an engaging activity where children can listen to stories in the shaded area of Benjakitti Park. They also have the opportunity to choose and read books, fostering reading habits, while participating in a painting activity to stimulate their creative imaginations.
  7. SX TALK SERIES : BETTER ME (New Activity) – Engage in a Morning Talk in the garden, sharing experiences and stories about sustainability for life, society, and the world, complemented by a Nature Exploration Workshop.
  8. Meesuk Farm Market – Shop at Meesuk Farm Market, a marketplace for local goods under the concept of “From Farm to Table.” Over 20 retailers from various communities will gather, generating income for small entrepreneurs.
  9. Music in the Garden – Listen to live music and chill out in the garden.
  10. SX REPARTMENT STORE – Share unused items to enhance their value and double your happiness.
  • Happy Body by “Krungthep Dee Tor Jai”:
  1. Yoga in the Park and Sound Bath Therapy enable individuals with hectic urban lifestyles to unwind and regain inner peace. The Mindfulness Yoga session is suitable for people of all ages and genders. It offers
    an opportunity to learn how to relax and strengthen their muscles.
    Sound Bath Therapy allows everyone to experience soothing sound waves, gaining positive energy through deep relaxation.
  2. Nature Walk  is an activity that invites people to learn, participate, restore, and explore the garden's ecosystems at Benjakitti Park and Lumpini Park.
    “Krungthep Dee Tor Jai” with its diverse events will take place from January 5th to 7th, 2024, at Benjakitti Park and Lumpini Park and admission is free.  The MRT and BTS make it simple to reach Benjakitti Park. Exit the MRT at QSNCC station (exit 3) or the BTS at Asoke station (exit 4).
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